Comprueba tu nivel de Inglés

Para comprobar tu nivel de inglés solo tienes que elegir la respuesta correcta de las siguientes cuestiones que te proponemos. En este test no tienes tiempo límite, así que tómate tu tiempo, lee aténtamente cada cuestión y elige la respuesta oportuna en cada punto. Luego pulsa sobre el botón “Comprobar” para ver el resultado.


Complete the following multiple choice questions

1. How old __________ you?
2. The woman __________ sold me those flowers spent twenty minutes wrapping them.
3. A: I've just seen Mark. B: You __________ have seen him. He's on holiday at the moment.
4. He emphasized in his speech that __________ education he received when younger had been excellent.
5. She takes the bus to work __________ day.
6. I'll call you when I __________ home.
7. We ate dinner and __________ we watched a film.
8. We're __________ in a beautiful holiday home at the moment.
9. When I got home, Jenny __________ on the telephone.
10. Coffee __________ to be much cheaper a few years ago.
11. I'm not sure about my future. __________ I will start a business.
12. They ate their lunch while they __________ coming home from school.
13. She bought it herself, __________ she?
14. If the dress __________ been so expensive, she would have bought it.
15. I __________ a great book this morning - I really want to finish it.
16. Excuse me? Can I try __________ this jacket to make sure it fits?
17. I saw Wi Joo this morning and she __________ if you were free tomorrow.
18. When I go to university, I may __________ history.
19. It __________ be meat free - it tastes just like chicken!
20. It was a dark moonlit night when the traveller __________ at the inn.
21. If I hadn't gone out last night, I __________ be so tired now.
22. I __________ like mushrooms, but I can't stop eating them now.
23. The newspaper China Today __________ published for over 60 years.
24. They said they __________ been studying for ages.
25. My father, __________ is a dentist, told me not to drink sugary drinks.
26. __________ memory of the day I met the president is very special to me.
27. The man __________ bought my car had an accident the following day.
28. She remarked in his conference that __________ discipline she received when younger had been excellent!.
29. We're __________ in a great hotel at the moment.
30. Everything __________ to be much cheaper in the past.
31. If the car __________ been so big, I would have bought it.
32. I __________ my keys this morning. And I still don't know where they are!
33. When I go to the restaurant, I may __________ fish.
34. At first I didn't like my job, but __________ to enjoy it now.
35. I don't understand this sentence. What __________?
36. James is on holiday. He __________ to Italy.
37. Everything is going well. We __________ any problems so far.
38. I'm tired. __________ to bed now. Goodnight.
39. __________ tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.
40. The fire spread through the building very quickly, but fortunately everybody __________ .
41. I'm so tired I __________ for a week.
42. I'm not going to bed yet. I'm not tired. If I __________ to bed now, I wouldn't sleep.
43. I wish I __________ have to work tomorrow, but unfortunately I do.
44. We __________ by a loud noise during the night.
45. A new supermarket is going to __________ next year.
46. Paul left the room suddenly. He said he __________ to go.
47. Hi, Joe. I didn't expect to see you. Sonia said you __________ in hospital.
48. Ann __________ and left.
49. 'What time __________?' '__________ 8.30.'
50. 'Do you know where __________?' 'No, he didn't say.'
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