Complete the following multiple choice questions

1. How old __________ you?
2. The woman __________ sold me those flowers spent twenty minutes wrapping them.
3. A: I've just seen Mark. B: You __________ have seen him. He's on holiday at the moment.
4. He emphasized in his speech that __________ education he received when younger had been excellent.
5. She takes the bus to work __________ day.
6. I'll call you when I __________ home.
7. We ate dinner and __________ we watched a film.
8. We're __________ in a beautiful holiday home at the moment.
9. When I got home, Jenny __________ on the telephone.
10. Coffee __________ to be much cheaper a few years ago.
11. I'm not sure about my future. __________ I will start a business.
12. They ate their lunch while they __________ coming home from school.
13. She bought it herself, __________ she?
14. If the dress __________ been so expensive, she would have bought it.
15. I __________ a great book this morning - I really want to finish it.
16. Excuse me? Can I try __________ this jacket to make sure it fits?
17. I saw Wi Joo this morning and she __________ if you were free tomorrow.
18. When I go to university, I may __________ history.
19. It __________ be meat free - it tastes just like chicken!
20. It was a dark moonlit night when the traveller __________ at the inn.
21. If I hadn't gone out last night, I __________ be so tired now.
22. I __________ like mushrooms, but I can't stop eating them now.
23. The newspaper China Today __________ published for over 60 years.
24. They said they __________ been studying for ages.
25. My father, __________ is a dentist, told me not to drink sugary drinks.
26. __________ memory of the day I met the president is very special to me.
27. The man __________ bought my car had an accident the following day.
28. She remarked in his conference that __________ discipline she received when younger had been excellent!.
29. We're __________ in a great hotel at the moment.
30. Everything __________ to be much cheaper in the past.
31. If the car __________ been so big, I would have bought it.
32. I __________ my keys this morning. And I still don't know where they are!
33. When I go to the restaurant, I may __________ fish.
34. At first I didn't like my job, but __________ to enjoy it now.
35. I don't understand this sentence. What __________?
36. James is on holiday. He __________ to Italy.
37. Everything is going well. We __________ any problems so far.
38. I'm tired. __________ to bed now. Goodnight.
39. __________ tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.
40. The fire spread through the building very quickly, but fortunately everybody __________ .
41. I'm so tired I __________ for a week.
42. I'm not going to bed yet. I'm not tired. If I __________ to bed now, I wouldn't sleep.
43. I wish I __________ have to work tomorrow, but unfortunately I do.
44. We __________ by a loud noise during the night.
45. A new supermarket is going to __________ next year.
46. Paul left the room suddenly. He said he __________ to go.
47. Hi, Joe. I didn't expect to see you. Sonia said you __________ in hospital.
48. Ann __________ and left.
49. 'What time __________?' '__________ 8.30.'
50. 'Do you know where __________?' 'No, he didn't say.'
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